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BIOSTATS 540 - Fall 2017
Introduction to Biostatistics
Biostatistics and Epidemiology
UMass Amherst
Instructor: Carol Bigelow



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1. Summarizing Data

2. Data Visualization

3. Probability: Basics

4. Probabilities in Epidemiology

5. Populations and Samples

6. Bernoulli and Binomal Distributions

7. Normal Distribution

8. Statistical Literacy: Estimation and Hypothesis Testing

9. One Sample Inference

10. Two Sample Inference

11. Chi Square Tests

12. Simple Linear Regression and Correlation


Unit 3. Probability Basics

1. Introduction
2. Unit Notes (Lecture notes)
3. Illustrations
4. Activities
5. Additional Resources
6. Assess Your Progress

(1) Introduction
VIDEO INTRODUCTION (Source: Northern Arizona University) Basic Probability Rules (video: 11:38)
VIDEO INTRODUCTION (Source: TED Talks) Dan Gilbert -Why We Make Bad Decisions- 33 minute video (html)
(Source: Whitlock and Schluter) Overheads 05 - Probability (pdf, 11 slides)
STATISTICS IN PRACTICE (Source: Tversky A and Kahneman D 1973 Cognitive Psychology 4: 207-32) Availability: A hueristic for judging frequency and probability (pdf, 16 pp)

(2) Unit Notes (Lecture Notes) and Homework Assignment
3. Probability Basics (pdf, 40 pp)
Unit 3 Assignment due Monday October 2, 2017 Questions (pdf, 1 pp) Solutions (pdf, 2 pp)
Text (Whitlock and Schluter. The Analysis of Biological Data, Second Edition) Chapter 5 - Probability

(3) Illustrations
WORKED EXAMPLES (Source: www.intmath.com) Probability of an Event (html)
WORKED EXAMPLES (Source: www.intmath.com) Independent and Dependent Events (html)


(4) Activities


(5) Additional Resources
VIDEO (Source: TED Talks) Dan Gilbert -Why We Make Bad Decisions- 33 minute video (html)
VIDEO (Source: TED-Ed) The Last Banana - A Thought Experiment in Probability (video 4:09)
VIDEO Series (Source: Kahn Academy) Basic Probability Videos (html)
(Source: Whitlock and Schluter) Overheads 05 - Probability (pdf, 11 slides)
(Source: Marie Diener-West, JHSPH) Probability Concepts (pdf, 54 slides)


(6) Assess Your Progress
Unit 3 & 4 Practice Quiz Questions (pdf, 2 pp) Solutions (pdf, 3 pp)




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