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BIOSTATS 540 - Fall 2017
Introduction to Biostatistics
Biostatistics and Epidemiology
UMass Amherst
Instructor: Carol Bigelow



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Course Unit Pages

1. Summarizing Data

2. Data Visualization

3. Probability: Basics

4. Probabilities in Epidemiology

5. Populations and Samples

6. Bernoulli and Binomal Distributions

7. Normal Distribution

8. Statistical Literacy: Estimation and Hypothesis Testing

9. One Sample Inference

10. Two Sample Inference

11. Chi Square Tests

12. Simple Linear Regression and Correlation


Unit 1. Summarizing Data

1. Introduction
2. Unit Notes (Lecture notes)
3. Illustrations
4. Activities
5. Additional Resources
6. Assess Your Progress

(1) Introduction
VIDEO INTRODUCTION (Source: Ted Talk, Hans Rosling) The Best Stats You've Ever Seen (Video - 19:46)
(Source: Stephen Jay Gould) The Median Isn't the Message - a really nice essay (pdf, 3 pp)

(2) Unit Notes (Lecture Notes) and Homework Assignment
0. Course Introduction (pdf, 21 pp)
1. Summarizing Data (pdf, 42 pp)
Unit 1 Assignment due Monday September 18, 2017 Questions (pdf, 4 pp) Solutions (pdf, 10 pp)

(3) Illustrations
R First Session (pdf, 5 pp)
Stata First Session (pdf, 9 pp)
StatKey Unit 01 - Summarization (pdf, 16 pp)


(4) Activities
ACTIVITY - For Discussion Survival of 347 Patients with Breast Cancer (pdf, 1 pp)
StatKey Activity 01 - Summarization (pdf, 16 pp)
Stata Users How to Obtain Stata (pdf, 3 pp)
R Users How to Obtain R and R Studio - WINDOWS users (pdf, 2 pp)
R Users How to Obtain R and R Studio - MAC users (pdf, 2 pp)


(5) Additional Resources
(Source: Math Centre, UK) Tutorial on Summation Notation and Calculations (pdf, 10 pp)
(Source: Marie Diener-West, JHSPH Fundamentals of Epidemiology) Exploratory Data Analysis (pdf, 71 slides)
(Source: itcconline.net) Sample Mean and Sample Variance for Grouped Data (html)
(Source: Douglas Altman and Martin Bland) Standard Deviation and Standard Errors (pdf, 1 pp)
FAQ - A Simpler Formula for the Sample Variance (pdf, 1 pp)


(6) Assess Your Progress
Practice Test Unit 1 (Summarizing Data) Questions (pdf, 6 pp) Solutions (pdf, 12 pp)




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