LINGUIST 401: Introduction to Syntax

Spring 2012
Machmer W 23, TTh 11.15-12.30

Rajesh Bhatt
224 South College, 577-0797
Office Hours: Th 4.00-5.00 or by appointment

Mathieu Decker
Office Hours: MWF 12.00-1.00 or by appointment


Themes: What syntactic properties are shared by all natural languages? What syntactic properties distinguish them? What do we know when we know a language? What are syntactic properties? How do we construct a theory of syntax? This course aims to equip students with the ability to address these questions in a precise and informed way. The topics include those that are central to a proper understanding of syntax: phrase structure, movement, grammatical relations, case, complementation, anaphora, and long-distance movement.


Linguist 201 (Introduction to Linguistics) or the consent of the instructor

Readings and Required Text

I will occasionally distribute short, compulsory reading assignments through the website.
Required Text: Syntax: A Generative Introduction, 2nd edition, Andrew Carnie, Blackwell Publishing, 2007. (ISBN 0-4051-3384-8) (ordered at UMass Textbook Annex).