Lab Members

Bethany Bradley

Bethany Bradley

Bethany is a Professor of Biogeography and Spatial Ecology in the Department of Environmental Conservation at UMass. She is interested in how the geographical locations of species across landscapes and regions can inform ecological understanding of species distributions, invasion risk assessments, and conservation planning. Her research has a strong focus on terrestrial plant invasions, with a goal of understanding how invasion risk varies spatially in the context of anthropogenic disturbance and climate change.

email: bbradley <at>

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Audrey Barker-Plotkin

Audrey Barker-Plotkin

Audrey is a PhD student in the Department of Environmental Conservation. She holds a BA from Carleton College and a MS in Forestry from the University of Maine. As an ecologist and licensed forester, Audrey is interested in how disturbances – including timber harvest, hurricanes, and invasive insects – affect forest composition, structure, and productivity.


email: aabarker <at>




Dan Buonaiuto

Dan Buonaiuto

Dan is a postdoctoral fellow at UMass. From individual physiological responses to patterns of macro-ecology, he is broadly interested in the impacts of global change on plant communities. His current projects focus on understanding how invader abundance influences patterns of biodiversity across multiple spatio-temporal scales.


email: dbuonaiuto <at>




Annette Evans

Annette Evans

Annette is a postdoctoral fellow at UMass and NECASC. She is working on modeling the abundance distributions of invasive plants to assess future risk with climate change. Annette is particularly interested the eco-evolutionary cascades caused by the introduction or removal of invasive species from native communities.


email: annetteevans <at>



Matt Fertakos

Matt Fertakos

Matt Fertakos is a PhD student in the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology department. Previously, Matt has researched the effects of climate change on phenology in plants as an undergrad at The College of New Jersey, and the biogeography of North American Chestnut species as an intern at The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. Matt is excited to pursue research that uses biogeographic modelling to solve issues surrounding plant invasion, conservation, and the effects of climate change.


email: mfertakos <at>



Will Pfadenhauer

Will Pfadenhauer

Will is a PhD student in the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Program. He recently graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Science from Lafayette College, where his undergraduate research combined field monitoring, laboratory experiments, and spatial modeling to address the conservation implications of light pollution. He is looking forward to continuing research that addresses conservation concerns using spatial technologies during his time at UMass.


email: wpfadenhauer <at>



Lab Alums

Postdoctoral Fellows

Jenica Allen (Adjunct Assistant Professor, Environmental Conservation)

Emily Fusco (USFS Postdoctoral Fellow in Applied Climate Change)

Bianca Lopez (Editor for Plant Ecology, Science Magazine)

Valerie Pasquarella (Research assistant professor, Boston University)

Graduate Students

Eve Beaury (PhD 2021, Organismic & Evolutionary Biology)

Tyler Cross (MSc 2016, Environmental Conservation)

Caroline Curtis (PhD 2018, Organismic & Evolutionary Biology)

Emily Fusco (PhD 2019, Organismic & Evolutionary Biology)

Brittany Laginhas (MSc 2020, Geography)

Lara Munro (MSc 2020, Geosciences)

Ayodele O'Uhuru (MSc 2022, Environmental Conservation)

Renee Vieira (MSc 2013, Environmental Conservation)

Selected Undergraduate Students

Sarah Ayton (BSc 2016, *honors thesis)

Kayla Baker (BSc 2013)

Tierney Bocsi (BSc 2014, *paper)

Vincent Chan (BSc 2019)

Alex Cook (BSc 2014)

Devon Dunajski (BSc 2015)

Neil Ford (BSc 2021)

Cecilia Frisardi (BSc 2014)

Sara Gerhdes (BA 2011, Biology, Amherst College)

Abby Guinan (BSc 2022, *honors thesis)

My Huynh (BSc 2017)

Ben Kesler (BSc 2021, *honors thesis)

Nora Lehan (BSc 2012, *paper)

Julia Murphy (BSc 2012, *paper)

Morgan O'Connor (BSc 2016)

Nicole Pawell (BSc 2016, *honors thesis)

Madeline Patrick (BSc 2020, *honors thesis, *paper)

Mei Rockwell-Postel (BSc 2019, *honors thesis, *paper)

Justin Salva (BSc expected 2023, *honors thesis)

Research Technicians

Will Coville (2020-2021, *paper))

Bridget Griffin (2019-2020)

Tyler Cross (2013-2014)

Adrienne Keller (2012-2013)

Kathleen Theoharides (2011-2012)