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ofermod finds all words with the sequence of letters "ofermod" in them.

g(.{1,3})ld finds words containing the letters g and ld with a minimum of one and a maximum of three other letters intervening. For example, it finds "geld", "gield", and "gyld". Note the curly braces. One reads the expression as, G followed by a single character and a minimum of one and a maximum of three characters before a lower-case l and d.

ode\b finds words ending with the letters ode. It finds "mode", "gode", and "werode"

Special Characters:

  • &t; (ampersand, letter, semicolon) for thorn.
  • &ae; for asc
  • &d; for eth

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\b word boundary (also try \B) ? previous character zero or one time
\w alphanumeric character + previous character one or more times
\W non-alphanumeric ^ following character at beginning of line
\d digit $ previous character at end of line
\D non-digit [xyz] any one of x, y, z
\w+ any word delimited by spaces, punctuation [^xyz] anything but x, y, z
\s whitespace (NL, tab, etc.) (xyz) all of xyz together (groups xyz)
\ escapes next character [a-z] range of characters a to z ([A-Z])
. single instance wildcard (greedy) ^ at beginning of string (e.g. ^was)
| or $ at end of string (e.g. was$)
.? single instance wildcard (not greedy) {x,y} minimum-x and maximum-y times of match
* multiple instance wildcard (greedy)
*? multiple instance wildcard (not greedy)