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The following are some links to definitions, dance history, and various dance styles. To learn about ARHS courses click here. To learn more about dance in the Valley, Region, and elsewhere go to Resources and Links.

History and Information

Snoopy says "To dance is to live". Dance simply is movement, and movement is one of the definitions of life. Yet dance is also more than movement. It is usually rhythmic, patterned or improvised, and accompanied by music or inspired by music. Learn some dance terms and find out more about it's history - from ancient times to the present. Dance lives on.

History of Dance

Modern Dance developed in the 20th Century mostly in the U.S. and Germany along with modern art. It rebelled against the classical tradition of ballet. Early pioneers were Isadora Duncan, Loie Fuller and Ruth St. Denis, Rudolf von Laban and Mary Wigman. The focus was on describing inner and outer landscapes.

Modern Dance

Social Dance focuses on the connections between people, and dance as a social activity. It is often associated with partner dancing, but includes line, circle, square, and club dances. Find references to Valley social dance groups on the resource page.

Social Dance

World Dance refers to dances around the world, often from the folkloric, ritualistic, or social dance tradition, but can be geared to performance. Follow this link to a portal for world and ethnic dance resources.

World and Ceremonial Dance