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In September 2006 Mariel invited the students to

Come learn a little about the History of Swing, Lindy Basics, and some Charleston!

with Bill Borgida, the world renowned Lindy Hop instructor who launched the

'Minnie's Moochers' -a teen dance group based in Ithaca.


In March 2006, Mariel choreographed a Lindy and Charleston routine for about 30 dancers for the ARHS musical Urinetown.


In May 2006 Mariel and her Mom, Alison Ozer, wrote a grant to bring the legendary Frankie Manning into the High school to:

Foster awareness of the unique development of American Social dance that incorporates both African American and Latin American movement and music

Gain appreciation of the history of these dance forms, and music, and learn about history and society of the time (20th century development, highlighting 20s and 30s for example)

Foster multicultural and cross-gender communication and appreciation of diversity

Encourage development of skills of student dancers towards performance via own Hurricane Swingers team and coordination with other Dance Ensemble groups like El Conjunto de Bomba, Break Dance and Hip Hop teams.


Students were enticed to the volunteer Assembly....

Ever notice how when you go to a social, no one is really ‘dancing’ with each other?

Now’s your chance to learn how to partner dance
and hear Frankie’s Stories - Living History

Click to see larger image of Frankie Manning

You can read about the event in Swing Dancer Magazine and see a photo of the dancers paying homage to Frankie after performing the 'Big Apple'.

If you'd like to see more photos of the May 15 event click on this image.

Poster for Frankie Manning Assembly May 15,2006

listen to the music Mariel and Dancers performed to


Music from The Hurricane Swingers Lindy Chorus- Wednesday Night Hop by Andy Kirk

( 3.11MB 192 kps -app. 3 minutes)


and watch a video clip from the Workshop

Frankie and Workshop Participants ARHS May 2006 - click photo to watch students dance

Frankie Manning and workshop participants at ARHS Assembly May 15,2006 (Quicktime 27.6 MB)

Click here for more about Mariel, Frankie, and her family.



Swingdancers graphicText Box: SOCIAL DANCE GROUP
Under the Auspices of Dance Theater Ensemble at the Amherst Regional High School, Sophomore Mariel Adams '08 initiated the Hurricane Swingers...
Now’s your chance to learn how to dance and groove to music from Afro American and Latin Jazz traditions, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Funk, and Hip Hop.

The Hurricane SwingersMariel and partner dance