Current PhD Students

  • Ana Alonso. Research project: Bilingual Assessment of Zapotec-Spanish Children.
  • Alexandre Alves dos Santos. Research project: exploring.
  • Marco Bittencourt. Research project: exploring.
  • Esther Castro. PhD dissertation: Clítico de Acusativo como Introductor de Construcciones Aplicadas en Español.
  • Isaura de los Santos. Research project: Early Literacy in Chatino (Otomanguean).
  • Maria de Nazaré Moraes da Silva (co-advisor with Prof. Marília Ferreira - UFPA). Research project: Second Language Instruction in Parakatêjê.
  • Isac McCalister. Research project: exploring.
  • Dana Monsein. PhD dissertation: L2 Vocabulary Acquisition through Video Making.
  • Abril Navarro. Research project: Language Assessment in Mayan.

Former Graduate Advisees

  • Andie Faber (2017) - PhD dissertation: Assigning Grammatical Gender to Novel Nouns in L1 and L2 Spanish. (Current position - Lecturer at Princeton University)
  • Márcia Nascimento (2017) (co-advisor with Prof. Marcus Maia - UFRJ) - PhD dissertation: Evidenciadade em Kaingang: Descrição, Processamento e Aquisição. (Current position: Postdoctoral researcher at UFRJ - Brazil)
  • Bridget Pinsonneault (2016) - PhD dissertation: The Effect of Enhancing Learner Input via Computer Assisted Language Learning Tools: On the Acquisition of Clitics by Spanish Second Language Learners. (Current position: Spanish Lecturer at UMass Amherst)
  • Jon Nelson (2016) (co-advisor with Prof. Tom Roeper) - PhD dissertation: First and Second Language of Recursive Operations: Two Studies.
  • Maria Turrero (2015) (co-advisor with Prof. Magda Oiry) - PhD dissertation: How Far Can They Go? Non-native speakers of Spanish and Wh-questions. (Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor at Drew University)
  • Raquel Lawal (co-advisor with Prof. Marcus Maia - UFRJ) (2014) - O Processamento do Clítico SE Incoativo e Télico em Espanhol como L1 e como L2. (Current Position: Associate Professor at Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora - Brazil)
  • Beatriz Pariente (2013) - PhD dissertation: Rethinking Translation in the Second Language Classroom. (Current Position: Spanish Language Program Director at Carlton College)
  • Brian Boisvert (2011) - PhD dissertation: The Relationship Between Implicit and Explicit Feedback Episodes, Student Uptake and Repair. (Current Position: Assistant Professor at SUNY Fredonia)

  • Ana Alonso (2016) - MA
  • Lucia Donatelli (2014) - MA
  • Diego Ardura (2013) - MA
  • Silvia Perez (2012) - MA
  • Glaucia Cedroni (2011) - MA
  • Carrie Al'Rekaby (2010) - MA
  • Meghann Peace (2010) - MA
  • Maria Pereira (2010) - MA