Recent Publications

Conith, A. J., Kidd, M. R., Kocher, T. C., and Albertson, R. C., 2020. Ecomorphological divergence and habitat lability in the context of robust patterns of modularity in the cichlid feeding apparatus. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 20(1): 1-20. Link

Parsons, K. J., Rigg, A., Conith, A. J., Kitchener, A. C., Harris, S., Zhu, H., 2020. Skull morphology diverges between urban and rural populations of red foxes mirroring patterns of domestication and macroevolution. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 287(1928): 20200763. Link

Conith, M. R.*, Conith, A. J.*, and Albertson, R. C., 2019. Evolution of a soft‐tissue foraging adaptation in African cichlids: Roles for novelty, convergence, and constraint. Evolution. 73(10): 2072-2084. Link

Hedrick, B. P., Antalek-Schrag, P., Conith, A. J., Natanson, L., and Brennan, P. L. R., 2019. High variance and asymmetry in the shape of the Spiny Dogfish Shark vagina revealed by 2D and 3D geometric morphometrics. Journal of Zoology. 308(1): 16-27. Link

Conith, A. J., Lam, D. T., and Albertson, R. C., 2019. Muscle‐induced loading as an important source of variation in craniofacial skeletal shape. genesis. 57(1): e23263. Link

Conith, M. R., Hu, Y., Conith, A. J., Maginnis, M. A., Webb, J. F., and Albertson, R. C., 2018. Genetic and developmental origins of a unique foraging adaptation in a Lake Malawi cichlid genus. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 115(27): 7063-7068. Link

Conith, A. J., Meagher, M. A., and Dumont, E. R., 2018. The influence of climatic variability on morphological integration, evolutionary rates, and disparity in the Carnivora. The American Naturalist. 191(6): 704-715. Link

Cooper, W. J., Carter, C. B., Conith, A. J., Rice, A. N., and Westneat, M. W., 2017. The evolution of jaw protrusion mechanics has been tightly coupled to bentho-pelagic divergence in damselfishes (Pomacentridae). Journal of Experimental Biology. 220(4): 652-666. Link

Conith, A. J., Imburgia, M. J., Crosby, A. J., and Dumont, E. R., 2016. The functional significance of morphological changes in the dentitions of early mammals. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. 13(124): 20160713. Link

Smith, A. J., Nelson-Maney, N., Parsons, K. J., Cooper, W. J., Albertson, R. C., 2015. Body Shape Evolution in Sunfishes: Divergent Paths to Accelerated Rates of Speciation in the Centrarchidae. Evolutionary Biology. 42(3): 283-295. Link

Smith, A. J.*, Rosario, M. V.*, Eiting, T. P., and Dumont, E. R., 2014. Joined at the hip: linked characters and the problem of missing data in studies of disparity. Evolution. 68(8): 2386–2400. Link

* Joint first authorship; † Undergraduate author

Note that I changed my last name from Smith to Conith in 2016.



A .pdf copy can be found here.


2017 - Present, Postdoctoral researcher, University of Massachuesetts, Amherst, USA. Main advisor - Dr. R. Craig Albertson

2011 - 2017, Graduate Program in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, University of Massachuesetts, Amherst, USA. Main advisor - Dr. Elizabeth Dumont

2009 - 2010 MSc Palaeobiology (Distinction), University of Bristol, UK. Main advisor - Dr. Pamela Gill, Co-advisor - Dr. Emily Rayfield

2006 - 2009 BSc Zoology (Hons), University of Leeds, UK. Undergraduate advisor - Dr. Ian Hope.

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