This page contains a series of links to codes in the R programming language (software available here) that you may find useful.

Most of these scripts are for computing disparity or for manipulating large datasets. These scripts are all hosted on my GitHub page, which is a website devoted to displaying and editing code.

Disparity Analysis

I have a series of example datasets and codes to calculate disparity through time. Click here.

Dataset Manipulation

I have mainly used these to calculate energy and maximum reaction force from an Instron machine. However, some of the techniques contained within may be of use to others that wish to manipulate large datsets. They are just here.

Introduction to Phylogenetics in R

Many of these methods I learned during my time at the Comparative Methods and Macroevolution In R Summer Short Course run by Mike Alfaro and Luke Harmon. I outlined an introductry course for other people in the OEB program that wanted to learn them as part of our SOURCE R group. Find these here.

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