Icek Ajzen

Professor of Psychology (Emeritus)
University of Massachusetts Amherst


I offer the following one- to three-day workshops related to the theory of planned behavior. Please contact me for details if you would like to host one of these workshops.
  • Predicting and Understanding Behavior: The Reasoned Action Approach
  • This workshop offers an in-depth analysis of the conceptual framework provided by reasoned action models, with primary focus on the theory of planned behavior (TPB). It covers TPB's historical foundation in attitude-behavior research, deals with the theory's major contributions to our understanding of human social behavior, and considers some of its limitations. Empirical support for the theory is reviewed, and issues related to work with the theory in basic and applied research are discussed.

  • The TPB and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
  • (In collaboration with Peter Schmidt, University of Giessen, Germany)
    This workshop considers data collection and analysis in research with the theory of planned behavior. Discussion of the theory and its methods is accompanied by detailed consideration of structural equation modeling. Among the issues considered are confirmatory factor analysis, proper scoring of belief scales, testing interaction effects, and mediating and moderating variables in the TPB.

  • Designing Empirical Studies and Behavior Change Interventions
  • This workshop is a hands-on introduction to doing research with the theory of planned behavior. Participants learn to conduct formative research to identify accessible behavioral, normative, and control beliefs; to directly assess attitudes, subjective norms, perceived behaviorl control, and intentions for a TPB survey; to constuct a TPB questionnaire; and to design a behavior change intervention. The theoretical bases for the recommended methods are considerd at each stage of survey design and intervention.