My research interests are focused on the relation between verbal attitudes and intentions on one hand and overt behavior on the other.

  • Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB)

  • I continue working with the theory of planned behavior, investigating its predictive validity and more specific issues, such as its application to entrepreneurship.

  • Relation Between Intentions and Actions

  • I'm interested in the many factors that can produce a discrepancy between expressed intentions and actual behavior.

  • Goals in the Context of Reasoned Action

  • In most applications of the TPB, the focus is on a behavior of interest to the investigator. I'm exploring how goal theory can be used to understand which behaviors will actually be considered by an individual in a real-life context.

  • Behavior Change Interventions

  • A great deal of empirical research has confirmed the TPB's ability to explain and predict behavior. I'm interested in ongoing efforts to apply the theory to the design of effective behavior change interventions.