Secondary Teacher Education Program


Education 695B: Being a New Teacher


Monday 4 6.30:  Furcolo Hall Rm. 21 A



Prof. Allan Feldman

230 Furcolo Hall, Tel:  545-1570

Jack Czajkowski

Great Falls Middle School

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413 549 5976 (home)


Jill Chapdelaine

Fairview Veterans Memorial MS

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Michael Koski

Plymouth County Extension/UMass Amherst

Extension Educator

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Hanson, MA 02341-0658



This course is designed for teachers in their first few years of teaching. The goal of the course is to help new teachers develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the best possible educational experience for their students.



Global Objectives:

*               To help you to improve your educational situation for yourself and your students.

*               To help you to become critically conscious of your assumptions about teaching and learning and to teach your classes accordingly.

*               To communicate to you that teaching is intellectual work, that it requires a dedication to and a love of our subject matter, a respect and caring for our students, a concern for equity, and a moral imperative for excellence in our teaching.

*               To continue your development as a reflective practitioner.


Curricular Objectives:

The primary curricular objectives of this course are to help you to develop the knowledge and skills that will allow you to provide the best possible educational experience for your students. Therefore, the course will focus on the following topics, as well as others selected by the class:

*             Classroom management
*             Assessment
*             Inclusive pedagogy
*             Special education  & Differentiated teaching  
*             Teacher research         



  1. This course will meet on campus FIVE TIMES during the semester.  (See attached schedule of classes). 
  2. The rest of the course will be done through small group (cohort) meetings, Internet meetings, and emailing.  Further details of the off-campus meetings will be determined at our second meeting on 02/07/05 given the makeup and needs of the course participants.




Required text:

Discipline With Dignity
Richard L. Curwin, Allen N. Mendler
ISBN: 087120357X
ASCD publications


Recommended text:

The New Teacher Book
Salas, Tenorio, Walters and Weiss, Editors
ISBN : 0942961455
Rethinking Schools publications


Both of these books are available at either the Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or ASCD websites.



     Your grade in this course will be determined by your level of completion of all assignments and your participation in class.  Satisfactory work at the graduate level for all course assignments and requirements will result in an AB for this course.  Exemplary work will result in an A.  Any written work deemed unfit by the instructors will be returned to the student with comments for improvements.


     Participation is integral to the success of this course.  All participants will be asked to share their thoughts, ideas, research, and experiences at each meeting.  The class meets on Monday evenings from 4 6.30 at Furcolo Hall in Room 21 A.  (Metered parking is available on both sides of Furcolo hall payable up to 5 pm each evening.  Additional space may also be available at the Immanuel Lutheran Church located to the north of Furcolo Hall.)
[Other arrangements are being made for the satellite class meetings in Plymouth County.]


     Attendance at all class meetings is essential. Your active participation is required.  If at all possible no classes should be missed.  Should this be problematic, please negotiate how you intend to make up the absence with your instructor.




1.  Written reflections on readings or prompts (typically two pages per entry). Each week you will be required to respond to readings or to a prompt. The prompts or questions about the readings will be posted each week in the Assignment section of WebCT. Make sure that you check it every week. To complete this weekly assignment, follow this procedure:

The readings will be central to our discussion at each class sessions and your reflections will help you be prepared for class.


2. Classroom Management Plan:  You will be asked to develop and implement a classroom management plan.  This plan should be based on your experience as a teacher, the course readings and on-line research.  The plan, after peer and personal reflections, will be due and possibly showcased at our final meeting. As with all written assignments, please submit it to us via WebCT. Due Dates:  The first draft should be submitted to us via WebCT by 2/28. You will share it in small groups in class on 3/7. The second draft is due on 3/14.  


3.  Photovoice:  In order for you to learn more about the setting and the students at the site where you teach, take a series of photographs of your work. The photos should include captions that inform the viewers about the work you do and the students you teach.  Make sure that you read the Photovoice summary Allan Feldman's sample Photovoice project (without a reflection piece is in the Course Extras folder on WebCT. You can find out more about Photovoice and other sample projects at the website of its originator, Caroline Wang:

PHOTOS WILL ONLY BE SHARED WITHIN CLASS AND SHOULD NOT BE USED IN ANY PUBLIC MANNER WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION OF THE PARENTS OR GUARDIANS OF ALL STUDENTS IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS. We will provide you with a letter that you can share with your principal and the parents about this project. Due Date: 3/7. 


4.  Written Case: Prepare, in writing, a teaching case focusing on different types of learners. The focus of your case should be on your actions as a teacher. Include evidence of what the students are doing in response to your teaching. Models or examples will be provided in class to guide you through your case.  The focus of this case could be students on an IEP or a 504 plan.  Due Dates:  The first draft should be submitted to us via WebCT by 4/4.  You will present in class on 4/11. The second draft is due on 4/25.


5.  Final Presentation/Showcase: At our final meeting you will be asked to make a short presentation in order to showcase your teaching and learning during the semester.  You may highlight any of the above assignments (#s 2 4) for your presentation.  


The final version of Assignments 2  & 4 are all due on May 9 for your semester grade. 




The final grade in this course will reflect your work in the five areas as follows:




1.  Written reflections

20 %

2.  Classroom Management plan

20 %

3.  Written case

20 %

4.  Photovoice

20 %

5.  On-line participation & class attendance

20 %


All course work must be completed on the due dates and handed in to the instructors.  (Or emailed to your instructor when you meet in your cohort group)  A final folder with all the assignments should be handed in at the last class May 2nd 2005. If for some reason this cannot happen, the student must (in advance) make arrangements with the instructor to complete the work before a mutually agreed upon date. The student and instructors will draw up a contract specifying the work that needs to be completed and the completion date. They will sign the contract and each will receive a copy.



Should there be any reason that you feel you will not be able to meet these requirements, please make an appointment with me during the first two weeks, in order to create a plan that will meet your individual learning needs.


Shaded sessions are held at UMass on Mondays from 4 6.30 in Room 21A Furcolo Hall






Readings, assignments and topics to be completed for this class



UMass class


Course syllabus and expectations

Intro to WebCT



UMass class

Reflective practice, Classroom management, and Assessment

WebCT revisited
Readings:  Zeichner and Liston Ch 1 (WebCT)

Lost at Sea (WebCT)

Ms. Moffett (WebCT)




Curwin and Mendler: Discipline with Dignity, Chs. 1-4

Forest and the Tree (WebCT)



Presidents' Day Holiday




Curwin and Mendler: Discipline with Dignity, Chs. 5-8

DUE 1st draft of classroom management plan via WebCT



UMass class

Doing a case study

Present classroom management plan in small groups.

DUE Photovoice project to whole group (PowerPoint preferred)


Curwin and Mendler: Discipline with Dignity, Chs. 9-12




Teaching myths (WebCT)

DUE 2nd draft of classroom management plan via WebCT



UMass Spring Vacation




Select two articles from ENC: Assessment that informs practice




Nieto 2003 (WebCT)

Diversity Principles (WebCT)

DUE 1st draft case study via WebCT



UMass class


Inclusive curriculum (WebCT)

Solner & Thousand (Promising practices) (eReserves) password: Feldman

Presentation of case studies



Continue work on case study



Special education and Differentiated Teaching


Universal design (WebCT)

DUE: 2nd draft case study via WebCT



Special education and Differentiated Teaching


Middle School Inclusion  (WebCT)



UMass class

Student Showcase and Presentations
Folder with all assignments due