EDUC/NS&M 197A: Exploring Math and Science Teaching

Fall 2001

1- 3 Credits



Richard Yuretich
Morrill 138

Allan Feldman
Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies
Furcolo 227B


Course Goals


Course Overview

The first half of the semester will be devoted to setting up appropriate K12 connections and teaching experiences, and examining prevailing themes of mathematics and science teaching and learning. Some of these sessions will be led by participating K12 teachers. Students will observe K12 classrooms and teach practice lessons.


Course Requirements

3 crs

2 crs

1 cr











Attend all class sessions and participate actively in discussion and activities. Carefully read assigned readings. Come to class prepared to contribute your critical reflections on both your own experiences and ideas and those of others as presented in the readings. Respond in writing to reflection questions for each of the readings.

Team up with a person taking this course for 3 credits. Make at least one observation of the K12 class that he or she is working with. Observe him or her teaching a lesson to the class. Write up your observations, compliments, and suggestions for him or her and give a copy to the instructors.

Teach one peer lessons in class. Hand in lesson plan two weeks before you teach the lesson for feedback. Hand in a revised lesson plan based on feedback from the 2+2’s.



Do at least three formal observations of a K12 class. Keep a log and journal, and write a report of your observations.






Work with a K12 teacher in a "teaching experience" in which you will teach at least one lesson.

Prepare a portfolio that demonstrates the development, implementation, and evaluation of your project.

Make a final oral report with a demonstration of your teaching ideas.



The instructors will make adjustments in these requirements for students with learning disabilities.

All course work must be completed and handed in to the instructors by December 13, 2001. If for some reason this cannot happen, the student must make arrangements with the instructor to complete the work before a mutually agreed upon date. The student and instructors will draw up a contract specifying the work that needs to be completed and the completion date. They will both sign the contract and each will receive a copy.

Link to Reading list


September 6 Introduction to Course

September 13 Student research and learning through experience
Wetzel, Independent Student Research

September 20: Lesson planning
Research topic and plan due

September 27: Constructivism
Yager, The Constructivist Learning Model
Ward et al., Constructing Scientific Knowledge

October 4: Student research and learning through experience II
Research due today

October 11: Misconceptions and teaching for understanding
Aron et al., Atmospheric misconceptions
Hapkiewicz, Clarifying chemical bonding.
HW for next class: Lesson for teaching for understanding

October 18: Cooperative learning
Nelson, Cooperative Learning
Lacy, Entrepreneurial Earth Science

October 25: Assessment methods
Radford et al., Demonstration assessment
Doran et al., Authentic assessment
Dougherty, Formative assessment

November 1: Becoming a teacher

November 8: Peer teaching

November 15: Peer teaching

November 29: Peer teaching

December 6: Peer teaching

December 13: Student reports and course evaluation

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