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This page contains links to 23 free downloadable workbook files that run in Microsoft Excel. For more information on Excel visit the Microsoft web site at:

For more information on the models see: Peleg, M. 2006. Advanced quantitative microbiology for food and biosystems: Models for predicting growth and inactivation. CRC Press, Boca Raton FL. (Click to download a 452K PDF file containing contents description.)

Calculating the weight of desiccant or moistener to adjust a dry mixture's water activity using MS Excel.

Calculating the water activity of dry food mixtures with MS Excel.

Estimating the probability of accidental extinction using MS Excel. [NEW icon]

Estimating the probability of high microbial counts with MS Excel.

Modeling microbial inactivation, survival and growth with MS Excel (12 workbooks).

Using the 'Fermi Solution' in microbial risk assessment with MS Excel.

Modeling isothermal and nonisothermal microbial growth using a generalized logistic (Verhulst) model with MS Excel (4 workbooks).

Simulating non-isothermal biphasic heat inactivation of microorganisms with MS Excel.

Modeling microbial population explosions with MS Excel.

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