The Tattooing Process

So you want to get a tattoo:

In modern times, people choose to get tattoos for a number of reasons. For some, it is a tribute to the fashion of the times. The abundance of temporary tattoos available at every convenience store across the country attests to the fact that in the year 2004, a tattoo is indeed a fashion statement!

For others, it immortalizes an event or aspect of the individual's life. Still others use tattoos as a rite of passage, while others use them to announce membership to specific organizations, or even just to the community of the marked in general.

Whatever your reason may be, there are certain aspects of tattooing that one should be aware of before committing to the decision. Standards of hygiene vary from state to state, and there is no monitoring of quality or style in any of them! Buyer beware has never been truer than in this instance. Doing no research and going to the shop closest to your home (unless you live in a major city, and even then, it is a gamble) is one sure way to get a lousy permanent piece of "art" on your body. The best work is not always right around the corner, but an informed consumer will know which area artist is the best at the style of the chosen piece and choose their artist accordingly. Another sure way to get a lousy tattoo is going to whomever your friend goes to, or the guy that your co-worker assures you "is the best" because he knows this guy who went out with this girl, who's get the point.

So to avoid your picture turning up on a website like this read over the material below!