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Clean wintertime air quality conditions in Fairbanks, AK

Poor wintertime air quality conditions in Fairbanks, AK

UMass aerosol chemistry research facility in Goessmann Laboratory

Inhalation exposure facility and smog chamber

Particle-Into-Liquid Samplers and mobile GC-FIDs

A research laboratory investigating how air pollution impacts human health.

News from the Lab

Looking for another exceptional postdoc in our lab who is interested in air quality and health. Begins after May 1, 2017.

Quite a bit of work upfitting a box truck into a mobile lab. But we are up and running and ready for our newest project - investigating commericial wood burning in western massachusetts

Lots of press from our recent work looking at face masks commonly used in the developing world. See the NY Times (account needed) and The Conversation , for example.

Thrilled to be a part of Air Sensors Everywhere, and our inagural held in Oct 2016 in York, UK Air Sensors Everywhere Small Sensor Symsposium

Peltier awarded a new EPA STAR project investigating Tribal Exposures to woodsmoke in First Nations

Our recent project in Nepal, highlighted by the University


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