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Max Beckmann, Die Gaehnenden (The Yawners), 1918


Andrew C. Donson

Associate Professor

Departments of History and
German and Scandinavian Studies


Ph.D., European and German History
The University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Current courses                   

Germ / Hist 323: Modern German History 

Future courses 

Germ 376 / Hist 387:  The Holocaust (Spring 2013)

Nineteenth-Century German Thought (grad) (Spring 2013)

Recent courses

Germ 697:  Debates and Issues in Modern German History

Hist 101:  Western Thought Since 1600

Hist 100:  Western Thought to 1600

Hist 325:  The First World War

Germ 370:  Nineteenth-Century German Thought

Research interests

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century Germany, First World War,  1918 Revolution, and history of youth, women, nationalism, socialism, and liberalism.

Selected Publications

"The Teenager's Revolution:  Schuelerraete in the Democratization and Right-Wing Radicalization of Germany, 1918-1923," Central European History 44 (2011):  1-27

Youth in the Fatherless Land: War Pedagogy, Nationalism, and Authority in Germany, 1914-1918. Cambridge, MA:  Harvard University Press, 2010.
Winner of the 2007 Fraenkel Prize for Contemporary History

"From War Pedagogy to Reform Pedagogy: Education and Youth Reform before 1914 and the Mobilization for War in Germany." Raising Citizens in the "Century of the Child:" Child-rearing and Education in the United States and Central Europe in the 20th Century. Ed. Dirk Schumann. New York: Berghahn Books, forthcoming.

"Why Did German Youth Become Fascists? Nationalist Males Born 1900 to 1908 in War and Revolution." Social History 31 (2006): 337-58.

"Models for Young Nationalists and Militarists: Youth Literature in the First World War." German Studies Review 27 (2004): 575-94.

Past courses

Germ 793D / Hist 697K:  The Weimar Republic

Germ 497:  Nazi Germany

Die deutsche Geschichtsschreibung

History of Childhood and Adolescence

Advanced English:  Writing and Grammar

19th-Century Europe:  Liberalism and Its Critics

20th-Century Europe:  Fascism, Communism, Modernism

Great Books: Greek, Roman, Biblical, and Renaissance

Great Books:  Greek Epic, Drama, History, and Philosophy


internXchange:  Summer Progam  for Students interested in Journalism (all students)

Bundestag Internship (graduating seniors and above)

Study & Internship Program in Germany


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Fellowships for Study and Research in Germany

DAAD.  Contact at UMass for all grants:  Regina John
   Undergraduate Study Fellowship Program
   Graduating Senior and Master's Student Study Fellowship Program

   Ph.D. Research Fellowships
   8-Week Summer Language Course Fellowship for Graduate Students not in German Studies
   3-4 Week Summer Language Course Fellowship (all students)
   1-2 Month Research Grant (needs nomination by the chair of German and Scandinavian Studies)
   Leo Baeck Institute Fellowship for Ph.D. Candidates in German-Jewish Studies
   University Summer Course (juniors to Ph.D.)

Fulbright.  Deadline:  18 September 2009, 4pm

   Graduating Seniors Study Program.   Contact at UMass: Dr. Susan Whitbourne.
   Graduating Seniors Teaching Program.   Contact at UMass: Dr. Susan Whitbourne.
   Graduate Students Study Program.  Contact at UMass:  Dr. Amanda Seaman

Social Science Research Council
   International Dissertation Research Fellowship
   Berlin Program (graduate students only)


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